HR & Payroll

A perfect HR management system streamlines all HR processes and brings them within a single window. It provides all the necessary tools to build, manage, and motivate your team.

HR activities can take up a big chunk of your day. When your team is spending time managing distributed HR tasks, it is time you are not spending on growing your business.

Realx ERP has multiple support options for a business' HR needs.


key features

Payroll Module


Employee onboarding

Hiring, job assignment, assigning role & department, capturing statutory requirements of employee including pan, aadhar permanent address, salary details, attendance from bio-metric system and track of attendance records, approval of timesheet, cost allocation and termination and final processing.



Attendance tracking system

With the aim of developing an efficient and user-friendly attendance system, we offer direct integration of your existing Biometric device with Realx ERP. It pulls all the swipes from the devices periodically and makes them available to the ERP system to process as per your business needs. This enables a real-time attendance tracking system fully integrated with other HR functions like leave management and payroll processing.

Biometric-Based Attendance Tracking System
Leave Management


Leave management

Leave setup, leave application, paperless leave approval/rejection, leave carry over, leave credit, finding leave balance by end of the year, finding loss of pay for payroll processing.


One click

Payroll processing

Configuring earning and deduction element, their processing rule and calculation rule, yearly bonus or any unscheduled payment, payroll processing for an individual or for all employees together, tax computation & estimation for individuals, emailing payslips and bulk payslip printing. Generation of payment advice for the bank, generation of form16 for employees.

Biometric-Based Attendance Tracking System