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ERP has never been so simple, accurate and affordable!

collaborate . engage . automate

easy to setup

easy to setup

Realx ERP setup is easy and flexible. In a few simple steps, you will be on your way to the sweet smell of ERP.

easy to use

easy to use

Realx ERP is very easy to use. It organizes your task in such a way, whenever you need it, you know where to find it.

easy reporting

easy reporting

Report shows leading and lagging indicators to determine key business trends, and make informed decisions.

Customize ERP Software

We offer Customization.

At no extra cost.

Every business is unique and to manage their operation they need customization of standard ERP. Hence we decided to offer customization on top of our standard product - Realx ERP. We have a dedicated team to cater your customization need. We're also constantly upgrading Realx ERP to make it more meaningful and to meet regulatory compliance. You will have full access to these features at no extra cost.

Smart and Intuitive

Reduce cost and increase efficiency

The shift from systems of record keeping to systems of engagement, automation of large-scale processes and application of artificial intelligence and machine learning makes Realx ERP smart.
We organize customer data in such a way, whenever you need it, you know where to find it. User specific leading and lagging indicators helps to make informed decisions.

Smart and Intuitive
Sales CRM Software

A perfect fit.

Designed for any size companies.

All our users realized that Realx ERP is very simple to use and extremely valuable in their day-to-day business operation. It connects sales, CRM, execution and management vision seamlessly. At any given point of time, system will tell you where are you? and your immediate required action. Realx ERP is built to grow with your company.

Everything in one place

It is easy and efficient.

When it comes to your loyal customers, employees or vendors the faster your service the better. A few seconds could make all the difference. Our system organizes data in such a way, whenever you need it, you know where to find it. Search has never be so simple! You see the history of transaction, accountable person and beneficiary of each data in the same spot.

Everything in one Place
Online CRM software

We're affordable.

No commitment, No installation cost.

You'll be pleasantly surprised with our competitive price structure. Any ERP has never been so simple and affordable. We have no hidden cost. You have no additional expense for hardware, software upgrade or data backup. You do not like.. you can cancel any time. We do not charge installation or customization fees. You pay us AMC only..

Daily Agenda Emails

See your day in a simple snapshot.

You will be able to look over your daily agenda every morning while your having your coffee. With these daily agendas, you can keep yourself on track and stay organized from the very start of your day.

Work Assignment Tracking
Mobile Apps in Real Estate Sector

Web . Cloud . Mobile

SAAS based and we've Mobile Apps.

As Realx ERP is a fully web based solution you can connect from remote construction sites, branch offices, Corporate office through internet making it a centralized enterprise solution. We have mobile apps both for Android and Ios device.

Approval and Instant Notification

Always keeps you upto date.

All the Important Processes are mapped with the Approval work flow where you can define the multiple levels of approval and approving authority. A robust ERP notification and approval system enables Organization to have a system in place to ensure that requests are reviewed, approved, or denied in a timely manner. Email and SMS integration gives you notifications and keeps you updated in real time..

Approval Software
Self Service

Self-Service keeps you happy

Make your organization paperless!

Self-service empowers your employee, customers, vendors and contractors perform their own job without getting management involved. It brings efficiency to the organization and make them more accountable. External entity like agents, customers, vendors and contractors can onboard in the Realx ERP platform through self-service module with necessary access. The initiative creates transparency between the company and external stake holders.

API Integration

Push or Pull.. We support both.

With the IOT (internet of things) revolution, it is imperative that you are connected with several other third party application in the way you do business today. We promise, you will not be disconnected with them even you are adopting Realx ERP. Rather we will connect your third party and Realx ERP seamlessly with API integration. Unlike other ERP, we create API for you and publish it for 3rd party to use. Also we integrate API from 3rd party to push or pull data in real time.

Api Integration Software
Online prospective customer management provide superior custom support

Superior Customer Support

We're ready and dedicated.

We will answer any question you may have and take care of all your concerns as and when required. We are highly available and responsive to your issues and concerns. Helping you feel successful using the Realx ERP is our number one priority. We are available 6 days a week 9 am to 8 pm to give you the support you deserve.

Analytics and Reporting

Reports that make sense.

Gain insight that matters and make informed decisions on you need to. Measure performance to see what really is paying off. View reports segmented by the category and see real-time data in your account. Built with you in mind - An easy to use reporting platform, so you can decide what data you want to view and customize your reports, with just a few clicks. Utilizing reporting module, you can see leading and lagging indicators, determine key business trends, and make more accurate projections.

Personalized view of Lead Management
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