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is whole lot easier now

Realx ERP allows you to communicate effectively with customers and establish relationships with new leads.

Realx ERP users enjoy the easy-to-use interface and find it extremely valuable in their day-to-day business operations.

Realx ERP lets you store all your leads lifetime and access them at any time from any computer or mobile device.

In an industry where every inquiry is unique, the usual CRM solutions won't tell you what products or projects your customers and prospects are interested in. Realx ERP allows you to filter by product or project.

Realx ERP enables targeted communications for sales teams and allows them to anticipate future requirements.

  • Pre Sales CRM Processes
  • Pre Sales CRM Processes

Lead Funneling

Lead By Project

Automatic Lead Distribution

Upload Lead From Excel

Leads Summary Report

Leads History Report

Lead By Status

Lead By Source

Lead Category

Lead Tag

Lead API Integration

Lead Follow Up

Lead By Channel Partner

Lead Assignment

Lead Scoring

Lead Conversion

Cost sheet estimation with price breakup

Quotation generation and send email

  • api integration
  • 3rd party API integration

FREE API integrations with any portal from where you are receiving leads.

Post-integration, leads from all different source appear on realx ERP automatically, in real time.

With auto-assignment and auto-profiling, half of the job is done before even you get started.

  • manage leads
  • Manage leads & follow up

Add, View, Edit, Delete, Assign leads to all from the dashboard.

Manage all leads and prospective buyer information from a single location.

Reach out with new offers and deals on the click of a button.

Reach out to the right prospects for the right projects by profiling the database.

Inbuilt reminders for call-later, scheduled site visits or follow-up tasks.

  • leads_history
  • Search filters & leads history

Searching has never be so simple!

Powerful filters to get the exact data you need. Set filters on your reports to show only the most relevant information that you are needing at the time.

Complete follow-up history is maintained to make the entire process system driven, in stead of resource-dependent.

  • reporting
  • Analytics & reporting

Charts to help businesses make better decisions.

Reports to measure the quantum of efforts behind sales, both in terms of cost and time.

Identify the sources of quality leads and plan your next budget accordingly.

Centralized Lead Management

by API integration
Effortlessly manage your leads through our centralized system, enhanced by seamless API integration. We enable real-time data synchronization, pushing or pulling information from third-party sources. In addition, our integration extends to IVR and cloud telephony services, allowing you to track recorded conversations with your sales agents. Unlike traditional ERP or CRM solutions, we go a step further by customizing APIs specifically for your needs, making them available for third parties to leverage.
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Best Lead Management Software
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