project communication

Keep track of your tasks & communications with our simplified ticketing system.

Realx ERP Ticketing Module allows you to track and follow up on your employee, customers and agents efficiently. Realx ERP helps you resolve issues together and collaborate as a team.


key features

create ticket

Create, edit & search tickets

Create a ticket with Project Name, Unit Name, Category & Priority. Search and edit tickets in accordance with access privileges.

multiple task

Multiple tasks in 1 ticket

A ticket can contain any number of tasks. A ticket can only be closed only when all tasks contained are completed successfully, .

categorization & prioritization

Categorization & prioritization

Categorize internal vs external based on source. Prioritize according to urgency of the concerned task.

assign/reassign tickets

Assign/reassign tickets

A ticket can be assigned & reassigned any number of times during its lifetime, based on the progress of the task or the challenges faced.

ticket history

Track ticket history

View the complete history of a ticket, along with notes & attachments, and analyze performance.

file management

File management

Organize all notes & attachments for a task in the most efficient manner.

file management

External/internal task management

Allow access to your external agents, vendors & contractors. Allow people outside the team to raise tickets as well.

follow/unfollow ticket

Follow/unfollow ticket

Assign resources to follow the progress of a task, any number of times during the lifetime of a ticket.